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What is total hip replacement surgery?

Total hip replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty, is a procedure that involves removing diseased or damaged portions of your hip joint and replacing them with artificial components that restore the hip – allowing the joint to move naturally and function as a healthy hip joint would. This type of surgery can deliver improved mobility, pain reduction, and a better quality of life for patients suffering from various hip problems.

Why is total hip replacement performed?

Total hip replacement surgery is performed to relieve pain and joint damage caused by hip conditions such as:

Your doctor may recommend a total hip replacement if you suffer from any of the following symptoms and have had little or no improvement with conservative treatment options:

  • Pain that does not improve, even with therapy or medications
  • Difficulty walking or standing for an extended period of time
  • Hip pain that keeps you awake at night
  • Trouble standing after sitting for a period of time
  • Lowered range of motion in hip

Patient Testimonial

“Had hip replacement on Halloween, went home that night. Walking stairs no problem the next day – doing home therapy daily, Experiencing NO pain. I would recommend Dr Rubin to all my friends – wish I done this 4 years ago! Thanks Dr Rubin !”

What does total hip replacement involve?

Before you undergo a total hip replacement procedure, you will be provided with specific instructions about how to prepare for the surgery, and what to expect before, during and after your procedure. During your surgery, you will be under anesthesia to keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

While the surgical techniques used may vary, the procedure generally involves the following steps:

  • Dr. Rubin will make an incision near the hip joint.
  • Using advanced techniques and equipment, Dr. Rubin will carefully extract the diseased or damaged portion of the hip bone and cartilage and prepare the area for the implant.
  • Your hip implant is inserted and secured into place to cover the removed portion of the hip.

What are the advantages of undergoing total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Lee Rubin?

Dr. Lee Rubin direct anterior approach hip replacementDr. Rubin is a leading joint reconstruction specialist with extensive experience in performing hip arthroplasty. Additionally, Dr. Rubin is an expert at minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacement surgery, which is a less invasive form of total hip replacement surgery. In 2016, Dr. Rubin successfully authored, edited, and published the world’s first comprehensive text on anterior hip surgery, entitled “The Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Reconstruction,” which is now the definitive reference for surgeons around the world who are learning and performing hip surgery using this technique. Speak with Dr. Rubin to determine whether you are a good candidate for the direct anterior approach.

Aside from his expertise and experience, entrusting Dr. Lee Rubin with your hip replacement surgery can also offer the following benefits:

  • Relief of chronic hip pain
  • Restored hip function
  • Repair of hip injuries, such as fractured hips
  • Surgery performed at renowned Yale-New Haven Hospital

Patient Testimonial

“Thanks to Dr. Rubin, I’m like a new woman! The pain is gone and I have my life back. I had total confidence in Dr. Rubin. If you are considering Dr. Rubin for hip replacement, go no further. You have picked the right doctor!”

Can my Total Hip Replacement be done as an Outpatient?

For carefully selected, healthy patients, Dr. Rubin can now perform partial and total joint replacements in a “same-day” fashion where the surgery is completed and the patient is discharged home the very same day.

Outpatient joint replacement has been safely performed at Yale-New Haven Hospital’s McGivney Advanced Surgery Center since October 2018.
Targeted nerve blocks using advanced pain control injections are used to manage pain, so that most patients need very little narcotic pain medicine after their surgery.
Dr. Rubin will discuss this option if you are indeed a candidate to have your surgery performed in a same-day manner.

Consult Dr Rubin About Total Hip Replacement!

If you’re suffering from chronic hip pain and hip joint mobility problems, you may be a good candidate for total hip replacement surgery. The first step to feeling better is scheduling an evaluation with Dr. Lee Rubin, an expert in joint replacement surgery. To request an appointment, call (203) 785-2579 or fill out the form on this page.

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