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What is a knee fracture?

The kneecap, also known as the patella, is a bone which can break under severe pressure or trauma, just like any other bone in your body. The knee area also consists of the lower portion of the femur and the upper portion of the fibula and tibia. Any of these bones can break when extreme impact is made, such as falling from a height, twisting wrong, or being struck by an object.

A patella fracture, also called a kneecap fracture or patellar fracture, is a serious injury that causes extreme difficulty walking and moving the leg in a full range of motion. In many instances, a knee fracture must be repaired with surgery from an orthopedic specialist, such as Dr. Lee Rubin.

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What are some common causes of knee fractures?

Knee fractures are typically caused by severe impact, which can cause the bone to break in one, simple fracture or into many pieces. However, there are some other possible causes and risk factors that may increase a person’s chances of suffering from a broken knee, including:

  • Falling directly onto the knee
  • Being involved in an accident, such as a motor vehicle accident
  • Playing high-impact sports
  • Standing or twisting wrong (especially for those with weak bones)
  • Suffering from a previous traumatic knee injury
  • Complications following knee replacement surgery

What are the common symptoms of a knee fracture?

Signs and symptoms of a knee fracture that may warrant a visit to an orthopedic doctor, such as Dr. Lee Rubin, include:

  • Intense pain in the knee joint
  • Bruising on knee
  • Inability to walk
  • Inability to fully extend the leg

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What are my knee fracture treatment options?

In some cases, knee fractures can be treated without surgery. When this is possible, conservative treatment options for a broken knee may include:

  • Reduction
  • Rest
  • Cast, brace, or splint use
  • Keeping weight off the leg

In more complex knee fracture cases, surgical treatment may be necessary in order to restore normal knee function and reduce or eliminate pain. Dr. Lee Rubin offers a number of advanced knee procedures, including:

Where can I get a knee fracture diagnosis?

woman getting knee fracture treatmentIf you believe you may be suffering from a broken knee, it is important to seek medical evaluation as soon as possible. Only a medical professional will be able to perform a thorough evaluation and any tests needed to determine your diagnosis. A knee fracture is diagnosed by using imaging tests, such as x-rays, to determine where the bone has broken and what type of fracture has occurred (e.g. simple or complex). If you suffer from a knee fracture or repeated knee fractures, you may be advised to visit a specialist who can offer treatment for recurring knee fractures, such as Dr. Rubin.

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